BPPL developed a most accurate Planar Near-Field scanner systems to cater the high frequency measurement upto 200 GHz. It can also be configured in horizontal scan plane to cater the characterization of large size, bulky in weight & gravitational sensitive antennas. We have a wide range of Near-Field scanners available in sizes with a travel range from 0.5 m to 30 m. The developed scanners are four axes assembly having Polarization positioner to support waveguide probe, linear Z-slide to manage distance between DUT and probe,


linear Y-slide (vertical axis in case of vertical scanner) and precision linear X-slide (floor slide). it’s a lightweight vertical structure with high rigidity travels and load balancing mechanism to avoid the deflection due to gravity. The scanners are fitted with drive system based on customer applications. After installation at customer site, we do verify the planarity through laser alignment, calibration and our controller offers the real time position error correction algorithm to correct the measured data.

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Planar Near-Field Measurement System is an ideal system for measuring medium and high gain antenna systems. The Scanner is 4-axes (Lin Horizontal Slide axis ‘X’, Lin Vertical Slide axis ‘Y’, Lin Slide axis ‘Z’ perpendicular to X-Y plane & Rotational axis to rotate the probe mounted on scanner). Similarly, the DUT Positioner is 4-axes (Azimuth, Elevation , Polarization & Linear Slide axis parallel to Scanner Z-axis). The combination of these 8-axes provides different type of Near-Field scanning like Planar, Plane-Polar, Bi-Polar, Cylindrical and Spherical.

Turnkey Solutions

We offer complete turnkey measurement solution including Shielded Anechoic Chamber, Multi-axes Antenna Positioners, Wideband Open Ended Waveguide probes, low cost high dynamic range Microwave Receivers or Network Analyzers, Reference Calibrated Antennas and Data Acquisition System with Analysis Software packages as per customer requirements.

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