How It Started - Zinc Wire Unit

The tale of a father, a son and a dream to accomplish great things in life best explains the start of Bhuj Polymers Pvt Ltd. Father-Son Duo founded the company in the year 2012 for the sole purpose of manufacturing high quality zinc wire. The location for the plant was selected because of it close proximity to Mundra Port and availability of several DI pipe manufacturers in the area.

From a humble beginning during which we were manufacturing around 500 MT/Annum to installed capacity of over 6000 MT/Annum now. Our self designed & developed rolling process ensures good quality zinc wire with consistent results. Backed with a team of skilled professionally we are able to cater to our clients every need & provide customized solutions.

  • Director, Founder  Aditya Aggarwal

  • Director, Co-Founder  Lokesh Aggarwal
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BPPL has teamed up with Helical Anchors Inc. which is centrally located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With over 13+ years of experience in the soil stabilization and foundation industry, they are bringing new solutions that apply state of the art technology and expertise to change the way foundation piles and anchors are installed.

Helical Anchors are more commonly used when the upper soil is not suitable for the load required. Helical anchors transfer load from the top down to a suitable soil. It can be as short as 15’ or as deep as 130’ beyond. HAI & BPPL have a US patented product which uses inertia welding process in the tube anchor system making it a premier product giving better strength and higher torque capacity.


Dual Reflector Compact Antenna Test Range  

BPPL has developed a most accurate Planar Near-Field scanner systems to cater the high frequency measurement upto 200 GHz. It can also be configured in horizontal scan plane to cater the characterization of large size, bulky in weight & gravitational sensitive antennas. We have a wide range of Near-Field scanners available in sizes with a travel range from 0.5 m to 30 m.

The developed scanners are four axes assembly having Polarization positioner to support waveguide probe, linear Z-slide to manage distance between DUT and probe, linear Y-slide (vertical axis in case of vertical scanner) and precision linear X-slide (floor slide). it’s a lightweight vertical structure with high rigidity travels and load balancing mechanism to avoid the deflection due to gravity.