Who we are

We are experts, mechanical engineers, metallurgical engineers, artists who create products for comapnies around the world.

What we do

Manufacturing of world class Zinc Wire in India with an annual capacity of 6,000MT for the flame & arc spray process..

Our Vission

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

BPPL -Zinc wire

From a humble start of manufacturing Zinc Metallization Wire 500 MT/Annum in 2012 to installed capacity of over 6000 MT/Annum now. Our self designed & developed rolling process ensures good quality zinc wire with consistent results. Backed with a team of skilled professionally we are able to cater to our clients every need & provide customized solutions. The right choice for Zinc Wire in/from India.   


MTS Manufactured


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What we Provide You

World class Zinc Metallization Wire with an annual capacity of 6,000MT and an unbeatable 24/7 support.

Product and service quality

BPPL focuses on meeting customer requirements & requests that could improve products and services. All research, development & marketing activities are guided by product &service quality criteria.

Confidentiality & transparency

BPPL guarantees the confidentiality of information in its possession and undertakes to provide comprehensive and transparent information.

Valuing human resources

All BPPL personnel and collaborators are considered essential for the success of the company, and must therefore be protected and developed in terms of skill and expertise.

Fair competition

BPPL does not participate in fraudulent, predatory or abusive behaviour and strives for competitive results that reward ability, experience and efficiency.

Social responsibility

BPPL participate in activities for the good of the community at a local and national level, and support initiatives of social and cultural value. BPPL Supports a number of NGO's worldwide. 

Safeguarding the environment

The environment is a valuable resource we are committed to safeguarding and we plan our activities by striving for balance between economic initiative and environmental requirements.

Why choose us ?

We are one of the global leader in Zinc Wire manufacturing.

Flexible Quantities & Multiple Sizes

Our Zinc Wires are manufactured from Special High Grade Zinc ingots with purity of >99.995% Zinc.


BPPL performs full service materials testing in their in house laboratories by certified laboratory staff.

24/7 Support

We belive that, Quality in product is just not what we put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it. We offer 24/7 support.

The right choice for Zinc Wire in/from India. 

From Our Clients

Our clients praise us for our quality, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery. Here are what just a few of them had to say:

 March 14, 2016


“We have been procuring Zinc wires from M/s Bhuj Polymers Pvt Ltd. since 2013 for manufacture of Ductile Iron Pipes. Since we are ISO 9001, ISO 2531, BSEN 545 certified .We adhere to the highest quality standards.”


July 08, 2018


“It is of paramount importance that we have a dependable vendor who meets our quality, quantity and supply schedules diligently, while offering competitive pricing. BPPL have exceed our expectation .”


March 26, 2019


“We have been exclusively purchasing Zinc wires from M/s Bhuj Polymers Pvt Ltd. since last 3+ years.We are delighted that we have found a trust worthy and indispensable partner.”


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