Who we are

We are experts, mechanical engineers, metallurgical engineers, artists who create products for comapnies around the world.

What we do

Manufacturing of world class Zinc Wire in India with an annual capacity of 6,000MT for the flame & arc spray process..

Our Vission

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Zinc wire

Bhuj Polymers Pvt Ltd from a humble start of manufacturing Zinc Metallization Wire 500 MT/Annum in 2010 to installed capacity of over 6000 MT/Annum now. Our self designed & developed rolling process ensures good quality zinc wire with consistent results. Backed with a team of skilled professionally we are able to cater to our clients every need & provide customized solutions. The right choice for Zinc Wire in/from India.   


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What we Provide You

World class Zinc Metallization Wire with an annual capacity of 6,000MT and an unbeatable 24/7 support.

Zinc Protection for the test of time

BPPL specialise in the manufacturing of zinc wire used in the field of thermal spraying. Our Zn Purity is over 99,995 % made for virgin zinc ingots combined with ideally quality, expertise and worldwide vision. All these aspects make BPPL the leader in the production of zinc wire.

Testing at every stage

Every stage of production is subject to stringent Quality Control. Zinc is tested at every stage in our well-equipped modern laboratory. We have a proven Quality Control Plan for all our products backed by ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The advantages of BPPL Zinc wire

Long-term and immediate anti- corrosion protection.
Very good resistance to abrasion.
Guarantees reliability, 
Great implementation flexibility.

Purest Zinc Wires in the World for thermal spraying

Optimum protection against corrosion.
Excellent for electronics.
Low carbon footprint.
Globally connected. .

One stop for all your zinc needs

Zinc Wire +99.995% in all common diameters and packaging for the flame & arc spray process.  

Why choose us ?

We are one of the global leader in Zinc Wire manufacturing.

The purest Zinc Wires

Our Zinc Wires ≥ 99,995 %, EN 1179 Z1 are manufactured from Special High Grade Zinc ingots with purity of ≥99.995% Zn.

Best raw material in The world 

We use only the best and purest raw materials in all of our products
Long-term and immediate anti- corrosion protection
Very good resistance to abrasion
Guarantees reliability Great implementation flexibility.


BPPL performs full service materials testing in their in house laboratories by certified laboratory staff. We attach an analysis certificate that shows the exact metal composition of the product in question with every delivery of zinc wire. 

The right choice for Zinc Wire in/from India. 

From Our Clients

Our clients praise us for our quality, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery. Here are what just a few of them had to say:

 March 14, 2016


“We have been procuring Zinc wires from M/s Bhuj Polymers Pvt Ltd. since 2013 for manufacture of Ductile Iron Pipes. Since we are ISO 9001, ISO 2531, BSEN 545 certified .We adhere to the highest quality standards.”


July 08, 2018


“It is of paramount importance that we have a dependable vendor who meets our quality, quantity and supply schedules diligently, while offering competitive pricing. BPPL have exceed our expectation .”


March 26, 2019


“We have been exclusively purchasing Zinc wires from M/s Bhuj Polymers Pvt Ltd. since last 3+ years.We are delighted that we have found a trust worthy and indispensable partner.”