We speake the universal language of quality.

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It is quality rather than quantity that matters to us.

In house laboratory

We perform full service materials testing in our in house laboratories. We feel strongly about the superior quality control offered by maintaining our own testing facilities and employing certified laboratory staff, thereby ensuring accuracy. In addition to reliable test results, our in house facilities provides for quicker results, helping to assure our client's projects will remain on schedule.


The raw material we use, HZL zinc ingot, has obtained accreditation and quality endorsements at national and international levels.
Bhuj Polymers has also been accredited with ISO9001 certification for quality.

Testing / Reports

To ensure the mechanical properties of the product the conduct tensile & elongation test in order to ensure conformance according to the product standards. We use top of line rolling & drawing lubricators their wire good surface finish on the product. Every order dispatched is sent with chemical and mechanical reports..

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