A global leader in Zinc Wire manufacturing.

What We Do

Manufacturing of world class Zinc Wire with an annual capacity of 6,000MT.


Bhuj Polymers is an Indian company exporting world class Zinc Wire globally with an annual capacity of 6,000MT. Our Zinc Wires are the purest and cleanest in the world. We offer our customers the highest quality alongwith low energy consumption and carbon footprint...

Flexible Quantities and Multiple Size Range

Our Zinc Wires are manufactured from Special High Grade Zinc ingots with purity of 99.995% Zinc. We manufacture Zinc Wires from 1.20mm - 4.76mm diameters (according to IS12447 1988 and ATSM B833-13). Different sizes can also be manufactured as per customers requirement. Wires are available in spools, coils, drums or as per requirement.


Bhuj Polymers performs full service materials testing in their in house laboratories. Bhuj Polymers feels strongly about the superior quality control offered by maintaining our own testing facilities and employing certified laboratory staff, thereby ensuring accuracy. In addition to reliable test results, our in house facilities provides for quicker results, helping to assure our client's projects will remain on schedule.

Ongoing quality process

Bhuj Polymers has been committed to optimising quality, both of finished products resulting from wire rod processing and company organisation, focusing on the continual development of company expertise and technical skill to best meet customer requirements.

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